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Novel COVID 19 

Avoid shaking of hands | Wear your nose mask | Keep your distance | Wash your hands with soap under running water | Cover your nose when sneezing | 

Kindly note that in the wake of the covid 19 pandemic, our usual way of working has changed due to the current situation. Management has therefore put in some measures to ensure safety of our clients, staff and also curb the spread of covid 19. We are therefore open for business through our digital platforms and offer delivery services only until further notice.


Online terms and conditions

With online services, clients are given dedicated staff to see them through their order until work is done to satisfaction. However, online services require 70% payment before work commences. This is to ensure the commitment of clients due to experiences encountered with some customers.

Our Online Process

  1. INFORMATION - At this stage, we ask for relevant informations needed from the Client.
  2. SAMPLE - A design sample is done and sent to the client. After a satisfactory work is confirmed with the client.
  3. PAYMENT - At this point final payment(30%) is reqiured from the client. Payment can be made via mobile trasaction or bank transaction.

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